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Welcome back to the Happy's Humble franchise!

You have been hired to manage a wildly popular (but aging) fast food restaurant, Happy's Humble Burger Farm


Serve customers at the Farm, or explore

New Elysian City and it's many attractions such as the Jazzy Java Joint, Quick Qure, Steal 'n' Sell, New Elysian Museum, and more!


Get a Job!

Check in with your on-site manager Toe, and get to work!

Get movin' and groovin' as you sling chilled beef patties like an absolute hamburger hero Tend to customers, and don't mess up - any infractions are taken out of your daily payment! If you're feeling confident, flip on the drive-thru and get a second set of customers flowing in. But be careful, things may just get too hectic to keep a hold on, and then Happy might get mad.

You don't want Happy to get us.

Make burgers

Slap the chilled beef, chicken, and ham pattie
on the grill like you'd slap the bass.

Fill up crackling soft drinks and delicious Strawberry Jacuzzi shakes. Fill up the deep fryer with fries and salmon nuggies! And satiate customers sweet teeth with hot pies and chocolate chip cookies! The menu has been expanded, and so will your gut after you dine on these delicious meals. A refined menu prepared in the cleanest of facilities, where we never drop food on the ground and serve it to you.

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