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Don't Miss the Bus!

Hello there, Scythe Dev here again with another blogpost. Gonna give you a bit of a quick synopsis on some developments.

Drive-Thru & Delicious Desert

Check out the second devlog over at the Happy's Humble Burger Farm Steam Page! Watch the corresponding video, conveniently embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Kaleb (Lead Programmer) goes over some new features in the upcoming full game, namely the drive-thru functionality, the information board, cookies + hot pies, and the HUD + Energy!

Meme it Up

Here's a few of the memes and images we've been posting lately.

And here's another.

Please sir, can I have some more?

In fact, if you wanna go wild and make some memes of your own....'s the isolated menu items! Tag @dev_scythe and @HappysHumble, we'll retweet our favorites! The font we licensed for Happy's Humble Burger Farm is called "Wicked Mouse."

Next Week....

Also, be sure to tune in later this week for Devlog #3!

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